perjantai 19. kesäkuuta 2015

BJD tag & Happy Midsummer!

Apparently this is from Instagram, but I stole this from the fairchildren. x)

1) You can find the profiles here:
     At the moment I have 6 resin BJD and a pile of other dolls.

2) Uhhh it has been a bit quiet here lately with resin dolls. Newest one is Nagisa, Unoa Lusis. Despite the fack that she is sharing a body with Sist. xD But anyway I got Nagisa's faceplate last november.

3) Nanji, Fairyland Pukifee Zio. I got her at spring 2011 or something like that.
Thought she is not my first doll, that was Dollzone Kay, who I got 2008, but I sold him few years ago.

4) I have many that I like, but if I have to choose only one I'd say Fairyland. I have only few face sculpts that I like from them, but ohhh the bodies <3 I love how well the dolls move and pose, and they also look very pretty!
I used to have Minifee Shushu, but I sold it. Stupid me, now I miss that! :D Luckily I have my two Pukifees.

5) Least favorite company huh? Hard to say, I tend to just ignore all companies that don't have dolls to my liking. :D Maybe one of those with really weird designs and stuff. Or too realistic! That's a bit creepy too.

6) My kind of a grail was Unoa Lusis. I loved the sculpt from the very beginning of my doll hobby, but I always thought that Unoa's are very expensive and hard to get. I kind of never didn't even try to really get one.
But long story short, I got myself Unoa Sist and some time after that Unoa Lusis faceplate, both second hand. Maybe it would be cool to get new one later when I have that kind of extra money.

7) Weird question. Depends! I like to look at pretty dolls overall. But one part that I check in every doll is usually the hands. Pretty hands are the best thing ever! Like Fairyland Minifee hands! They look very delicate. Also Unoa hands are ok. And recently I found Classy doll, from images their hands look very pretty, but I haven't seen one irl. Actually I'm bit tempted to buy one, the body looks very pretty too... :S

8) Usually everything starts from the doll sculpt for me. If I find a doll that I like, I start to create a look and character for it. If I like what I get as a result of my imaginary work, I might end up buying the doll, or at least putting it on wanted-list. x) AS for clothes and such, the inspiration might come from anywhere. Anime, magazines, pictures from internet, pattern from a book or online, or something like that! Sometimes I even have my own imagination. x')

9) Mostly I'm in to knitting and crocheting for dolls, but I also like sewing. Or just anything where I can make something with my hands.
 I do like photography too, but I have no real equipment or talent to use any camera. x)
Oooooor in the end I just love to look at pretty dolls. <3 Meetups are also great, you get to know more people with the same interests and get to see many different dolls.

10) When there is a community, there is always some kind of drama going on. Lately I have been less active in the communities, so gladly I don't know what's the current drama topic. :D
My least favorite drama topic is on-/off-topic dolls battle, or recast dolls.

That's about the tag thing, thank you for reading! And since you read it, I'll tag YOU!

Now some Dollfie Dream talk!
Last week I was visiting Joensuu for Iaido seminar. Since I was in Joensuu, Pihlajakoto invited me for a coffee and I also got to visit her house.
That was super fun, thank you so much for letting me to see all your dollies!

I have only one DD, and thus the DDII body is the only one I have any experience from. Now I got to see different bodies, and ohhh the DDIII body moves so much better than Chi's. x) Seeing the options got me to wonder should I upgrade Chinami's body to never one. That would leave me with an extra type II body, and I have doubts that no-one would be interested to buy it. Also one option would be to buy a set of type III arms. That would improve Chi's posing a bit, since now she can't even touch her face. As seen in the pic above... :D But I found out that even ordering only the arm parts that would come to something like 70€, which feels a bit costly.
I'll have to think about this. :S Or just forget about it.

Pihlajakoto had a Mirai Smartdoll! I have kind of wanted one since I found out about them from  Danny Choo's blog. Mirai's face is really cute, and the body is very pretty and looks like it works well.
Maybe the only thing why I haven't bought it so far is that Mirai is a character doll, and I haven't had one before. I tend to make my own characters for dolls, aaand I don't like the idea to "ruin" a ready made character. That's why I don't have any anime dolls either. Of course I could customize Mirai, but I do like her as she is! :D

But anyways, after seeing Pihlaja's Mirai I'm not so eager to get one anymore. x) The body was a bit funny, it was quite hard material otherwise, but the breast part was weirdly soft. Not like only the boobie part, but the whole piece to the neck. :S I wasn't quite fond of the combination, and it didn't feel so good as DD. Also the hardness of the one-piece bottom part of the body takes away some of the poseability that the inner frame would allow. But in the other hand, there is no joint in the hip area which looks good. But for posing, it doesn't work. But the looks...! I dunno lol. And my dolls normally wear clothes, they don't run around in underwear or bikini. (Maybe if I had Mirai, she could wear only bra and panties just because the body looks good!)
But still I like Mirai design wise, maybe someday I'll get one when I'm rich.Or the robotics version if it ever comes for sale. xD

Happy Midsummer to everyone!
It's rainy here, so despite Chinami's new set of summer clothes, we are staying inside.

maanantai 1. kesäkuuta 2015

Cherry blossoms~~

The cherry blossom season is already over, but hey it's better to post the pics late than never! 8D
The cutie on the left belongs to ToriSohva, right is my Chinami. 
Sadly the weather was super weird on the day when we were having this shoot, I did some heavy brightening for some the pics afterwards. xC 
Also fukapii took some of the photos derpz. The better ones of course.

( 」。╹o╹。)」

Uh oh who is that red head??
Yes, she is my MIO Pullip Marisa. She is still alive and still here!!
Poor girl just does hardly get any attention. Now it happened because I was sewing yukata for my Azones, but the prototype ended up too big. Apparently the fit was ok for Marisa, so she got it. And since now Marisa was the only doll in the house with a yukata, she get to go out for cherry blossom shooting! 8D Yattaneee.

Hello, I'm a bonus pic.
Doll with a doll of her own?
I assume that is the current trend.
The nekkid fellow is ElfinDoll Mayo, funny little thing.

sunnuntai 22. maaliskuuta 2015

Comparing Obitsu and Dollfie Dream

As I promised, here comes some comparison about my Obitsu 48cm girl body and Dollfie Dream type II body. They are not the same size, I can't say anything about bigger Obitsu bodies since this is the only one I have. x) Same goes to DD bodies, I only have type II body.

I have about 30 pics here, so this is a bit long post.
Also I'm super lazy at doing any editing or photoshop, so please bear with me. x)

Today our victims are:
Chinami, Volks DDH06 with type II body
Karin, Parabox/Obitsu Ai-chan with 48cm girl body

Chi and Karin are sisters! Chinami is the responsible big sister, Karin is clumsy child.
About the size difference, I'm quite happy how these two work as sisters!

Now starts the nudity part. Close your eyes and abandon my blog if you aren't comfortable with nude dolls! D:

keskiviikko 11. maaliskuuta 2015

Obitsu 48cm body arrived

Karin is now complete! :33
In case anyone follows my twitter you might know that I ordered Obitsu 48cm body for Karin. Originally I meant to go with Dollfie Dream Sister body, but after seeing one irl I came to a conclusion that it is too tall for Karin's character. And Mini Dollfie Dream was too small. 

So, now I have a complete bigger Obitsu doll! First times for everything.
So far I have only handled the smaller ones, and stole their bodies for Pullips. x)

Karin's face mold is Ai-chan (same as P-chan as far as I know), and her face up work is done by lovely and talented Jesmoth. Her eyes are also new, she used to wear BJD eyes before. Current eyes are made by Perunaprinssi. They are DD size, buuuut they fit well for Karin's dump facial features. 

Tada! Head swapped for the new body. :3

No panties. Dx

I didn't have so much time to play with the body before I had to head for my Aikido practices, so the pictures aren't very informative. Just some feeling pictures. :3
I'll try to find some time to take more pics of the Obitsu body, and also compare it with my DD. Karin is supposed to be a little sister for my DD Chinami. 

Anyway I'm pleased with what I got for 20,000 yen. Gosh these dolls feel so "cheap" after BJD. x) 
I'm very happy that Karin is finally complete! She is very cute, I love her to bits! 

torstai 22. tammikuuta 2015

Miki's arrival!

Today I happened to have a day off school. Good thing that I also woke up early, the doorbell rang around 8AM and tadaaaaa I got a box!
My Mandarake "I'm only testing" order arrived.
Apparently it worked!

Haruka, bring the weapons!

H: Haiii! here comes!

H: Please be careful!

H:We could start studying Japanese with these newspapers.
M: Maybe, maybe not...

H: No pictures, this might be dangerous!
Looks like someone is suffocating there...

H: Hellooo! No worries, we will get you out of there soon!

?: Ummm.... Hi!

?: What a trip! Has anyone seen my shoes?

H: These were in the box with some other packages!

?: Yay, my shoes!
H: What should we do with the other stuff...
?: I don't need them all right now. Just hair bows!

?: Thadaaaam, hair bow magic!

?: Miki is ready to explore!
H: Yay, welcome to Finland Miki!

H: This concludes the very short arrival of Miki! Thank you for joining us!


These super cute booklets came with the doll. x) The doll maintenance book doesn't have anything too important explained in it, they show stuff like how to comb the dolls hair... :D But that's cute!
I think I'm in love with Miki. u__u
I might have a thing for red hair. And maids! And oooh red haired maids!
Still need to figure out a background story for Miki. She came from Akihabara, so I thought that maybe she used to work in maid cafe. x) Or she might also be an anime otaku, who loves to dress up as maid! Both would work as a reason for her to wear that uni. But she will get some other clothes too, someday.
Aaand I'm not too good at making stories anyway, so probably her background story won't even matter. x)

I saw Strawberry short cake Sahra in display shelf of Azone shop when visiting Japan, and I liked it right away. x)  I'm super happy that I bought her now!
Otherwise I'm sure it would have happened like with my first BJD "crush" Unoa Lusis. I didn't get to buy one in the beginning of my doll hobby, but ended up buying Lusis many years later. Now I saved myself from all those years of waiting and drooling this Sahra from time to time. xD

Now I try to contain myself from buying more dolls in some time. (Even thought I do want an army of Azone dolls!)
I should concentrate on doing things with my current dolls, and start knitting for them more actively again. My secret wish would be to attend LDoll again this year. Let's hope I can make it!

I'll try to keep updating this blog more frequently, maybe that could be my new years resolution?
Weekly would be awesome, but we'll see... :D

Bonus blooper! These fellows aren't too good at standing! D8

sunnuntai 11. tammikuuta 2015

Second Azone! Himeno~

I bought my second Azone Pureneemo second hand -  and from Finland!
Earlier I kinda thought that there isn't too many people in Finland who are into Azone dolls, but oh how wrong I was. x) Luckily!
Thanks to one person in Finnish BJD community, I was directed to Finnish Azone group in Facebook! :D Azone Finland, if someone is interested. There is about ~30 people in the community. Not a huge amount, but still!
These dolls are so cute that they need more love.

I saw the For Sale-post for this doll earlier when I joined there, but i didn't have money untill I got my tax refunds came in December. x) Lucky for me the seller still had this! :D
So this was a Xmas gift for myself? Something like that.
She did arrive to me already in December, but I'm slow like that.

Box opening successful!
I probably won't be using this black outfit for her at all. I like my dolls in more casual clothing. 
The most important part for me in choosing a doll is the face, eye color and hair color/style. x) I tend to just storage all full set outfits lol.

My first Azone Pureneemo was S size, this one is M. I'm not sure yet do i like the M size better or not, but we'll see. So far I like it, but it might be just because it's new and interesting. x)
And OMG I got a package of replace hands in different poses with the doll! 8D Those are great. 
Thank you so much previous-owner-san. <3

I haven't yet thought any name for her. I kind of would like to call her just Himeno, but would it be boring? And I can't do that with my first Azone doll who I bought in parts, she doesn't have any character name to begin with. I have to think about this. But probably Himeno will be a big sister for my first Azone.
Yes, she doesn't have a name either... I'm so bad at names! @__@
Maybe I'll go with J-pop idol names, like I decided to do with my Unoa girls.
Could Himeno be Haruka? :D Maybe. I kinda like that. (Kudou Haruka, from Morning Musume'15)

Hi! I'm Haruka!

Ps. I might or might not be getting my third Azone Pureneemo in near future... 
It might or might not be someone red haired, whose pic was in my Japan post... 
Err, I'm just testing out ordering from Mandarake!! Right??

torstai 8. tammikuuta 2015

Cleaning time!

Once again it's that time of the year when I remember my blog! 8D
Great, isn't it. But this time I performed some cleaning!

I went and deleted bunch of old posts. I have had so much changes in my doll collection in 1-2 years time, and I have had this blog since who knows when... I felt stupid to have all the posts about dolls I don't have anymore! x) So that's the main reason for the cleaning.
Kind of a fresh start, with some good old memories from meetups and events.
Also I left some posts that might be informative about different dolls, even thought I might not have the particular dolls anymore.

I'm working on updating all the doll profiles too, please cheer for me. :D
But most importantly I don't have listed those dolls that I don't have anymore in my possession for a reason or another.

Lately I have been playing more with Azone Pureneemo dolls.
I haven't posted anything about my new one here, but I'll try to do that later!